Nutrition Consultation Services

Initial consultation [75 minutes]

What this includes:

  • an in-depth assessment of your individual lifestyle and nutritional profile
  • education on how dietary and lifestyle choices impact the body
  • tips on how to implement and maintain a health-supportive diet
  • a nutritional and lifestyle plan specific to your health goals and personalized to your tastes and lifestyle preferences
  • recipes, educational guides and other resources to support your nutritional goals


Follow-up consultation [30 minutes] or Brief [15 minutes]

What this includes:

  • a review of your progress and nutritional goals
  • addressing any concerns or setbacks, and fine-tuning your plan as desired
  • taking your plan to the next level, adding further recommendations and action steps
  • providing more educational guides, recipes and resources as needed

Follow-up consultation = $65 | Brief = $40

Initial Personalized Meal Plan Package

What this includes:

  • a personalized list of foods and meals that match your tastes and support your nutritional goals
  • a 7 day menu plan with options to switch out meals
  • meal suggestions for when you’re on the road
  • easy to follow recipes, and a grocery list to make shopping a breeze


Initial Personalized Holistic Meal Plan Package

What this includes:

  • the Initial Personalized Meal Plan Package plus scheduled lifestyle recommendations (such as exercise, personal care, stress management, organizational tips) that support you to incorporate wellness habits into your day to day life


Follow-up meal plans

What this includes:

  • fine-tuning of the initial package as your nutritional goals change or progress
  • added recipes, meal ideas and a new 7 day menu


Grocery store tour [75 minutes]

Learn how to:

  • shop for certified organic and non-GMO foods
  • identify processed and refined foods, and preservatives and additives
  • select foods that support your nutritional goals, and which foods to avoid
  • read food labels and compare different brands
  • identify different names for sugar and MSG
  • eat healthy and delicious on a budget
  • select healthful alternatives to “non-foods” and receive other tips for a nutritious diet

You will also receive a grocery list and several educational handouts to take home.


At home visit [2 hours]

Learn how to:

  • identify the toxins in your kitchen — in your cupboards, fridge and pantry
  • identify toxins in the rest of your home environment and how to avoid them
  • stock a kitchen with non-toxic cooking utensils and storage containers
  • prepare every day foods and condiments that can be easily stored for ongoing use
  • set up your kitchen for a whole foods or specialty diet
  • stock your fridge and pantry with essential food staples

You will also receive tools and tips for meal planning, saving time and staying organized, and have several educational handouts to keep on hand.


Grocery store tour + At home visit

What this includes:

  • a combination of the Grocery store tour and the At home visit listed above


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*Please note: These services are not currently subsidized by B.C. Medical Services Plan (MSP). Some private insurance companies (extended health insurance coverage) may cover nutritional counseling, such as Manulife, Green Shield Canada and Desjardins. Please contact your individual provider to confirm what is covered.