The 2019 In Season Agenda


The 2019 In Season Agenda is now available to order! Just in time for Christmas and the new year, you can order your copy here.

Like other years, the In Season Agenda is the perfect companion for living slow: eating local, growing your own food and savouring all the joys that each season brings. But what’s new is that it now covers the growing and what’s in season info for the entire province of British Columbia!

The In Season Agenda is a 7×9 ivory linen hardcover day planner that is perfect for local food lovers, farmers market shoppers and garden enthusiasts living in British Columbia, Canada. It also makes a lovely gift for stationery lovers, and anyone inspired to live in harmony with the seasons.

The 2019 In Season agenda features*:

  • a list of farmers markets in BC
  • a monthly guide for what’s in season, and when, in various regions of BC
  • a monthly guide for when to sow your garden seeds, for various regions of BC
  • reminders for when BC delicacies are available (ie. BC Spot prawns, fiddleheads)
  • ideas on how to take in the joys of every month
  • new inspiring seasonal quotes that introduce every month
  • the full moons in their traditional names
  • BC celebration days and statutory holidays
  • annual, monthly and weekly views of the 2019 calendar year
  • space to record daily appointments, evening plans, as well as keep a daily to-do list
  • a celebration calendar
  • pages for note-taking
  • annual view of the 2020 calendar year


Here are this year’s retailers:


Fort Langley

North Vancouver

Port Moody




Or, if you’d like to order your 2019 In Season Agenda online, please click here or email me at


*The growing suggestions, the farmers market and what’s in season guides are relevant to residents of British Columbia, Canada.

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