The perfect companion for 2018 – my “In Season” agenda is now available


It’s out! My 2018 In Season Agenda is now available in bookstores and boutique shops all over Metro Vancouver! While it feels like another year is coming to a close all too soon, I do look forward to ushering in a new year with a new day planner! If you’re anything like me read on…

The In Season Agenda is the perfect companion for living slow: eating local, growing your own food and savouring all the joys that each season brings.

It is a 7×9 ivory linen hardcover day planner that is perfect for Metro Vancouver local food lovers, farmers market shoppers, garden enthusiasts, stationery lovers, and anyone inspired to live in harmony with the seasons.

{scroll down for photos and list of retailers}

The 2018 In Season agenda features*:

  • a list of Metro Vancouver farmers markets
  • a resource guide for what’s in season, and when
  • monthly reminders for when to sow your garden seeds
  • reminders for when BC delicacies are available (ie. BC Spot prawns, fiddleheads)
  • ideas on how to take in the joys of every month
  • charming seasonal quotes to introduce every month
  • the full moons in their traditional names
  • BC celebration days and statutory holidays
  • monthly and weekly views of the 2018 calendar year
  • space to record daily 9-5 appointments, as well as keep a to-do list

I’m super pleased to announce all of the wonderful retailers who are carrying the agenda this year. They are:



North Vancouver

Port Moody


West Vancouver

A special thanks to Buddha-full Provisions and Zing Paperie for taking on my baby for its second year, and to Read Leaf/Simply Read Books for publishing it xo

If you’re unable to access any of these retailers and wish to place an order online, please email me at or call me at 604-722-6621.

*The growing suggestions, the farmers market and what’s in season guides are relevant to residents of Metro Vancouver, BC.

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