Upcoming pregnancy workshop with Crowning Glory Doula

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Two major factors that can improve pregnancy outcomes are the nutritional status of the mother, and the emotional and social support she receives. The World Health Organization recommends that people who are pregnant receive nutritional education and counseling, as well as ongoing and consistent care from a qualified health practitioner in order to achieve positive outcomes in pregnancy.

Michelle Tyliakos of Crowning Glory Doula and I have teamed up to offer a four-part series that provides parents-to-be (and those preparing for pregnancy!) with social, emotional and nutritional information to support the mother and growing baby – all the way from pre-conception to post-partum.

Nurture + Nourish: Discover principles to support you on your journey to parenthood
will cover the following:


  • pre-pregnancy diet (and fertility foods)
  • the stress and fertility connection
  • addressing nausea and cravings
  • picking a healthcare provider who aligns with your values
  • expectations and ideals of pregnancy
  • avoiding toxins
  • improving nutrient absorption
  • the ideal diet for mom and baby


  • gestational diabetes and blood sugar balance
  • the ideal diet for mom and baby (review)
  • vitamins and minerals
  • what food cravings could mean
  • picking place of birth
  • GBS positive and the gut


  • expectations and ideals of birth
  • how to stay hydrated and nourished in birth
  • supporting the mother-to-be
  • lactogenic foods and herbs
  • practicing patience
  • assessing interventions
  • choices in birth (BRAIN)


  • how to ask for help
  • foods to support the body after childbirth
  • breast milk and alternatives
  • addressing colic
  • foods to support the mother through post-partum emotions

There is great value in thinking about holistic wellness prior to the arrival of baby. Not only for the health of the child, but also to lighten the learning curve that parents face with a newborn. Adopting healthy eating, emotional and social practices early are key to a successful pregnancy and post-partum.

If you’re considering getting pregnant in the next year, this is the ideal time to start preparing to ensure that you have enough of the key nutrients to pass along to baby, as well as the emotional and social supports in place to assist you along the way.

The Nurture + Nourish workshops will take place at Optimum Family Chiropratic in Port Moody. Classes begin May 28th. Each class costs $62.50, or $200 for the entire series! Register for the entire series by May 14th and receive 10% off when you use promo code: NOURISHYOURSELF

To register, please click here.

If you have any questions, please email me at info@tashelstine.com.



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