My latest creation! An every day reminder to live in harmony with the seasons


I recently went shopping for a day planner in hopes of finding something a little more robust than what I currently have, and when I couldn’t find one that had everything I was looking for I decided to make my own! I basically combined my passions for design, eating well and the four seasons into this piece, and am so pleased and excited about how it turned out. So I added a few more features and am now selling it, too!

The theme of it is In Season and celebrates the foods that are in season (like the calendar I designed last year) and offers suggestions on when to grow what, how to enjoy each month and lists the farmers markets in Metro Vancouver, plus more…

While I designed it for myself, I think any local food lover, grower, farmers market shopper, stationary enthusiast – and anyone who wishes to live in harmony with the seasons – would enjoy it as well.

The 2017 In Season day planner features:

  • charming seasonal quotes to introduce each month
  • the full moons in their traditional names
  • a list of Metro Vancouver farmers markets
  • a resource guide for what’s in season, and when
  • monthly reminders for when to sow your garden seeds
  • reminders for when BC delicacies are available (ie. BC Spot prawns, fiddleheads)
  • other reminders include when to consider a detox, when to book summer camping, etc.
  • ideas on how to take in the joys of every month
  • BC celebration days and statutory holidays
  • a list of the Clean 15 and Dirty 12

It’s available to order now, and if you want it by Christmas, recommends placing orders by December 9 (however, I personally recommend allowing even more time than that!).

  • To order the Softcover, please click here.
  • To order the Hardcover, please click here.

***Also, really important: The growing suggestions, and the farmers market and what’s in season guides are relevant to residents of Metro Vancouver, British Columbia! So if you’re not from this area, I wouldn’t recommend this day planner for you 🙂

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